Impending litigation is always stressful, whether it is your reputation, wealth, or business that is at stake. Complex court procedures, mountains of paperwork, and hours of in-and-out-of-courtroom meetings can leave you exhausted. If your legal case is related to finances, you must add complex and confusing accounting records to an already demanding situation.

If you are facing litigation as either a defendant or a plaintiff that involves financial and economic aspects, your probability of a favorable ruling increases when you have the expertise of an experienced financial professional on your side. Whether you are an attorney seeking a CPA as an expert witness or an individual looking for assistance, we are qualified to serve your needs.

Our services include aiding legal counsel with:

● Assistance with pre-trial and trial issues
● Assistance with financial declarations for family court
● Information, document, and exhibit creation and collection
● Clear explanations of the facts regarding accounting, business, and tax
● Strategy development, data analysis, witnesses’ preparation
● Assessment of damages, losses, earnings, profits, disputes, and business value
● Rebuttal of opposing expert testimony and cross-examination questions for trails and depositions
● Assistance with settlement negotiations

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